Are Oranges the best source of Vitamin C?

If your doctor told you you needed to go away and consume as much orangesVitamin C as possible, what would be the first thing you’d reach for? Vitamin C tablets? An orange?

Oranges have long had a reputation for being packed with Vitamin C, but in comparison to many other common (and not so common) fruits and vegetables, oranges actually have a relatively low Vitamin C content.

Hopefully this blog will give you some great ideas for alternative and more effective ways of increasing your Vitamin C content, naturally.

Who is at risk of a Vitamin C deficiency?

  • People without a balanced diet – If someone is surviving primarily on cooked breads, meats, cheeses, microwave meals, fast food, beer and soft drinks (most people!) then it’s almost definite that they’re low in Vit C. Raw, fresh fruits and vegetables are where Vitamin C is found.
  • Smokers/Passive smokers – Smokers and people regularly exposed to passive smoke have been shown to have lower Vitamin C levels than people who don’t smoke, which medical professionals believe is down to higher levels of oxidative stress. Smokers are recommended to take an extra 35mg of Vitamin C daily, or just quit smoking!
  • Infants fed boiled/evaporated milk – Any parents giving their infant boiled or evaporated milk is at the same time destroying any Vitamin C the milk would normally provide. This leaves infants deficient at a time in their lives when proper nutrition is paramount.

So which foods have the highest Vitamin C Content?

acerola1. Acerola Cherries: By far the number one food on the planet in terms of Vitamin C content, comes the Acerola cherry. One tiny cherry contains 83.9mg of Vit C (one whole Orange contains 69.7mg) and 100g contains a whopping 1677.6mg.

2. Coriander: Dried herbs and spices such as Coriander also contain very high Vitamin C levels (566.7mg per 100g).

3. Green Chillies & Jalapeño Peppers: Great news for fans of spicy food! Green Chillies and Jalapeño Peppers are some of the best foods to consume to increase your Vitamin C levels, containing 242.5mg and 118.6mg per 100g respectively.

4. Blackcurrants: Apart from being sweet and delicious, Blackcurrants are also a great source of Vit C as one cup (112g) contains 202.7mg.

kale5. Dark Leafy Greens: The dark leafy green vegetable with the highest amount of Vitamin C is Kale, by some distance, with 120mg found in 100g of the plant. Turnip Greens, Swiss Chard and Spinach are also a good source but not quite as high as Kale.

6. Kiwi Fruit: Sweet, cheap and easy to get hold of, Kiwi fruit is a good place to start when looking for a quick and easy way to increase your Vitamin C content. With 105.4mg of Vit C per 100g or 90.6mg per Kiwi, this is a great fruit alternative or addition to your diet.

There are many, many other foods which contain decent Vitamin C levels. Some of these include: broccoli, guavas, garden cress, watercress, wasabi root, kumquats, bean sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, saffron, cayenne, basil and rosemary (among others).

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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