Raw Organic Honey’s medicinal benefits

Organic Raw Honey is an excellent health product

Organic Raw Honey is an excellent health product

When shopping for honey, as is the case with many other food products these days, you have two options: Firstly, an option to buy the cheap, processed form, and secondly, the raw organic form. Most of the honey that we’ll find on the supermarket shelves is unfortunately not the latter.

The vast majority of honey we find lining the grocery store shelves are commercial varieties which have been processed, refined, filtered, strained and/or heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius) leading to the destruction of all the honey’s natural enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients.

Commercial honey more often than not has large amounts of added high fructose corn syrup (which is often derived from GMO corn and is really not something you want to be consuming regularly, for it’s links to causing diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension and liver damage) and other added nasties including antibiotics. This stuff will offer your body practically zero nutritional benefits whatsoever, and you’ll be effectively just eating gooey sugar.

In order to reap the full benefits that honey has to offer, it needs to be consumed in its raw, unpasteurized state.

Raw honey is not only well known for it’s delicious taste, but also for it’s powerful medicinal properties. Used for around 2500 years for this very purpose, raw honey comes with all its many vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vit C), minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and more) and enzymes intact and ready to be easily digested. Heating and pasteurizing honey will destroy all of these.

Manuka Honey is an especially nutritious from of Raw Organic Honey

Manuka Honey is an especially nutritious from of Raw Organic Honey

Anti-viral, anti-fungal”

Raw honey is home to anti-viral and anti-fungal properties which means it can dramatically help those with allergies by helping to promote a healthy immune system. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties found in raw honey also make the product a great option to treat wounds with, as many doctors are only just starting to realize.

Healthy Digestive System”

Additionally, as raw honey supports a good bacteria called Bifidobacteria (which is found in our gastrointestinal tracts and vital for efficient digestion) it can actually help support a healthy digestive system and counteract indigestion.

The pre and pro biotics found in raw honey instigates the growth and activity of this good bacteria, Bifidobacteria, and thus makes it an excellent choice for those with digestion problems.

Morning boost”

Not only will raw honey bring you plenty of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, but it can also be used first thing in a morning as an excellent “pick-me-up”. I often start the morning with a tablespoon of the stuff and it has quite a kick!

The effects will vary depending on the quality and freshness of the honey, but nevertheless, you’ll certainly notice a boost to your morning energy levels after taking a hit of this.

Kiss sore throats goodbye”

Rather than turning to processed, nutrient-dead commercial honey whenever you or a loved one is suffering from a sore throat, instead, use raw honey. It’s anti-viral and anti-microbial properties will not only give instant relief from the pain, it will also fight the cause of the infection to help you kiss sore throats goodbye.

The bottom line

There are many different forms of honey available to purchase nowadays, but the only thing you need to remember when buying is to look out for the words “Raw” and preferably “organic” too.

Raw honey will often include bits of honeycomb inside

Raw honey will often include bits of honeycomb inside

An easy way to tell without checking all the labels is by taking a look at the honey’s colour. Commercial, processed and worthless honey will more often than not have a light yellowish colour, whereas real raw honey will be much darker, and will often contain parts of honeycomb, pollen, royal jelly and propolis (which are the main sources of honey’s nutrients, antioxidants and minerals).

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you that raw honey is worth the slightly higher price to pay, then you might also want to know that raw honey tastes, much, much better than any commercialized honey you could possibly find. So that alone makes it worth a try, surely?

Bluntly put, if you’ve never had raw honey, you’ve never had honey. 


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