Chlorophyll: Nature’s Blood Cleaner


Wheatgrass shots are a good way to take chlorophyll

Wheatgrass shots are a good way to take chlorophyll

If you were listening during Biology class in high school, then you’ll know that chlorophyll is the stuff which makes plants and grass green, through absorbing energy from the sun and facilitating photosynthesis. This unique process converts the sun’s energy into carbohydrates and in turn a green colour is reflected back to our eyes.

For most people, that’ll be where their knowledge of chlorophyll ends. What many people don’t know is that not only does chlorophyll offer many health benefits for humans when ingested, but it is also one of the best blood builders/blood cleaners that we know of.

The molecular structure of Chlorophyll is almost identical to that of haemoglobin, which you may know to be the essential substance which our body uses to make and transport red blood cells. The only difference between the molecular structure of chlorophyll and that of haemoglobin is the centre atom. In chlorophyll that atom is magnesium, and in haemoglobin it is iron.

Because the two are so structurally similar, when ingested, liquid chlorophyll can help to do the same job of haemoglobin by replenishing our red blood cell supply, boosting our energy and increasing vitality.


The molecular structure of chlorophyll and haemoglobin is almost indentical

The molecular structure of chlorophyll and haemoglobin is almost indentical

It’s beautifully simple. Nature has provided us with a substance that is so molecularly similar to our blood, that it provides the exact tools to ensure our red blood cells remain clean, healthy, and abundant.

It’s undisputed that green foods are essential for optimum human health, their chlorophyll content being one of the main reasons why.

Other benefits of ingesting chlorophyll include:

  • Antioxidants – Chlorophyll contains high levels of vitamins A, C & E giving it a strong antioxidant capacity.
  • Anti carcinogenic – We come into contact with carcinogens all the time… in processed foods, every-day cosmetic products, air-pollution etc. Chlorophyll protects against a whole host of carcinogens by blocking the metabolism of harmful chemicals which are known as pro-carcinogens which damage our DNA. 1 in 3 cancer rates suggest that we should be ingesting as much anti carcinogenic foods as we possibly can.
  • More blood boosting properties – Chlorophyll also contains vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, protein and iron, which all play a vital role in repairing and building red blood cells and strengthen the immune system.
  • Heavy metal chelation – Chlorophyll has a very strong ability to bind and remove toxic heavy metals like mercury from our systems, which makes it very powerful healer.

Ways to add chlorophyll into your diet:

  • Chlorophyll supplements – Find a decent supplier of chlorophyll powder, one which hasn’t been processed, refined or packed with artificial sweeteners and add it to water. Alternatively, find a reputable company who produce chlorophyll tablets.
  • Drink wheatgrass juice – Not only will you get the many benefits of drinking wheatgrass, but you’ll also be topping up nicely on easily assimilable liquid chlorophyll
    Leafy greens such as kale are a great way to get chlorophyll into your diet

    Leafy greens such as kale are a great way to get chlorophyll into your diet

    Eat lots of greens – spinach, lettuce, broccoli, kale, asparagus, green capsicum, etc! If it’s naturally green, then it contains chlorophyll, so get eating!

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