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Chlorophyll: Nature’s Blood Cleaner

  If you were listening during Biology class in high school, then you’ll know that chlorophyll is the stuff which makes plants and grass green, through absorbing energy from the sun and facilitating photosynthesis. This unique process converts the sun’s … Continue reading

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Why you should switch to Himalayan Sea Salt and never consume white salt again

When it comes to salt, it’s all the same stuff right? Salt is just salt. Wrong. Very wrong. Much of the Western world believes salt as sodium chloride, that processed, highly refined white stuff which just happens to be completely … Continue reading

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Spirulina: The nutrient dense freshwater plant with more protein than red meat

What if you were told you could get all the protein you need from an algae-like substance which simultaneously dramatically reduces your chances of developing cancer, heart disease or strokes? Is that something you might be interested in? Spirulina (the … Continue reading

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