Seriously, just what is the point of Raw Food?

So, recently you’ve been bombarded on Facebook with ads, blogs and pictures about Raw Food and you’re probably thinking: “Why?”, “What’s the damn point?”. You may be wondering why there’s a need for a Raw Food Cafe in Phuket when there is so much amazing food around already, and why would you choose to eat raw food in comparison to cooked, barbecued, grilled, steamed, boiled, poached or fried delights?! 

At the end of this blog I’ll have told you exactly why, and I guarantee you’ll either be here at Raw Cafe within the week, or you’ll be off to Tesco to buy raw ingredients yourself! Which ever you choose would be of benefit to you and your health, even if you do it just the once!

“It is estimated that 60% of disease is caused by the Standard American Diet. If food is the culprit, food can also be the answer.”

Before I start I want to make clear that just because we sell Raw Vegan Cuisine, it doesn’t mean we’re evangelical about it! I personally am not 100% Raw vegan, I’m not even 80%! We love Raw Food and we know the benefits it can bring and we’ll try to teach you about them, but we won’t be on our high horse telling you to cut cooked foods out of your diet altogether (unless you wish to of course, and then please let us know how you get on!).

Why eat Raw?

All you see here is raw using only healthy natural ingredients.

All you see here is raw using only healthy natural ingredients.

One of the simplest ways of looking at it is to think of Raw Food as ‘Living food’, and cooked food as ‘dead’. Which do you think is going to provide you with greater nutrient and vitamin content? Of course, raw. It’s common sense right? A cooked seed wouldn’t grow, but a raw seed would.

When you cook foods above 43 degrees Celsius, a huge amount of the nutrient, vitamin and enzyme content is destroyed and denatured. Not only does this mean you won’t get the required nutrients, but also it’s harder for your body to digest meaning you’ll use up more energy digesting the food than the food will actually give to you – so you’ll be left with an energy deficit! A diet consisting of purely dead, cooked, denatured or processed foods is a path which can lead to sluggishness, lethargy, illness and disease.

Let’s eat foods which are live and can give us energy as opposed to stripping us of the energy our organs need in order to thrive, not just survive.

But isn’t Raw Food flavorless, bland and boring? You can’t say that about BBQ Chicken!”

And you can’t say it about Raw Food either. If you ate a raw carrot on its own then yes, fair enough, you could claim it to be those things. But with some simple preparation and using the right ingredients, Raw Food can provide some of the greatest flavors and textures you’ll have ever tried!

There is a certain depth to foods when they are in their raw natural state which cannot be found in processed, refined or cooked foods. Sure these things can be delicious, of course! A Linda McCartney’s chocolate cake or a Bacon Double Cheeseburger is beyond pleasurable (whilst you’re eating it at least), but once you try Raw Cuisine you’ll realize when you go back to cooked that there is a certain something missing.

With Raw Food, the depth in flavors really work your tastebuds and give you a dining experience you’ll probably never have experienced before.

Raw desserts will make you smile

Raw desserts will make you smile

Still not convinced?

If you’re still thinking “well yeah of course a Raw Food Cafe is going to wax lyrical about Raw Food, I still don’t believe it”, then I challenge you to try one of our Raw desserts, including Chocolate cake, Strawberry or Blueberry Cheesecake. (Not much of a challenge in fairness!)

Made from nothing but nuts, oats, honey, coconut, avocado, sea salt and cacao powder, you’ll be blown away by how intense the flavor is, without the need for any white sugar, bad fats or other nasties!

I’m quite certain that you’ll be willing to try any Raw Food dish once you’ve tried raw desserts!

How do you feel after a large, cooked meal?

Remind you of anyone?!

Remind you of anyone?!

Slow? Sleepy? Heavy? Do you find yourself having to unbutton the top of your pants and slump in your chair? I certainly do! The reason for this lethargic feeling you get after devouring a huge cooked meal is due to the reasons I mentioned before. Our bodies have to work a lot harder and much longer to break down these foods, hence why you feel so tired straight after your meal.

With Raw Food, you never have this problem – it’s actually quite the opposite. Eating live food makes you feel, err… alive! You’ll be full of energy, you’ll feel light, but at the same time full and satisfied.

This is one of the reasons why eating Raw is excellent first thing in the morning or just prior to exercise to give you the extra energy you’ll no doubt be needing.

Anything else?

Yes, lots actually. But if I wrote all of the reasons why Raw Food is beneficial to us then I’d be here all week and you’d be half-asleep by the end.

I’ll quickly list a few more reasons why you should try raw just to enforce it that little bit more!

Raw food is great for:

  • improved skin
  • better overall wellbeing and vitality
  • weight loss
  • weight gain (if eating high protein raw foods)
  • better sleep,
  • improving bowel movements
  • and much more.

Interesting stuff…? Intrigued? 

I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to make you want to look more deeply into Raw Food and its benefits, so much so that you’ll Google it, watch Youtube videos and continue learning.

And if you fancy a healthy and alive meal, dessert, snack or smoothie then you can pop into Atsumi Raw Cafe on Wiset Road, Rawai Monday – Friday, or if you can’t pay us a visit, keep an eye on this blog for Raw Food recipes and tips.

Thanks for reading, and be happy and healthy! 🙂

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