10 Reasons you can’t do without drinking Coconut Water

With Raw Cafe being located on the stunning Island of Phuket, Thailand, we are blessed here with an abundance of choice when it comes to tropical fruits. One of the most common fruits here are the young Coconuts, which can be found for sale on almost every street and certainly every beach.

Raw Cafe's fridge fully stocked with Coconuts

Raw Cafe’s fridge fully stocked with Coconuts


I’ll keep this blog post as short and sweet as possible, by simply underlining the main reasons why drinking Coconut water is like giving your body a new lease of life and why you can’t keep ignoring them.

After reading I’m sure you’ll be on your way to your nearest Supermarket to buy a box-full. (Worth noting that here I am talking about pure Coconut water taken straight from the Coconut itself, not any form of packaged Coconut water found in stores or Coconut milk, which contains approx 10 times as many calories as Coconut Water.)

Why drink Coconut water?
1. Full of electrolytes. Therefore making it the perfect natural energy drink. I drink two Coconuts each morning before food for a natural high. It works.

2. Delicious! Its sweet, nutty taste is definitely worth a mention high up the list!

3. Full of healthy salts and vitamins.

4. Extremely hydrating. A study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows Coconut water to replenish bodily fluids better than water and works just as well as the unhealthy, white refined sugar-filled Sports Drinks.

5. Very good source of Potassium. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6. It’s biologically pure. It’s quite possibly the purest water humans could wish to drink. It has never seen the light of day and has never been oxidized, meaning what you drink it 100% pure and natural and none of the nutrients have been tampered with or lost.

7. Contains easily digestible carbohydrates.

8. Good for weight loss. Tropical cultures have been using Coconut water for centuries as a tool for weight loss as drinking it actually has been shown to increase your metabolic rate.

9. It’s a diuretic. A diuretic is a fluid that forces you to urinate more regularly, thus helping to cleanse the body of unwanted chemicals by helping to pass waste with greater ease and greater speed. Drinking Coconut water thus aids the kidneys by filtering the toxins and lowering the risk of kidney stones.

10. A good source of enzymes and amino acids.

Admittedly, it’s a hell of a lot easier to purchase Young Coconuts here in South East Asia than it is perhaps in the UK or US, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them in those places. You can purchase coconuts in boxes of 10 or 12 either from your local Fruit Wholesaler or some Supermarkets. If you’re out here in Thailand though then you’re lucky as they’re cheaply available everywhere and you’ve really no excuse not to get on them today!

Refreshing, delicious, nutritious, pure, cheap… what’s not to love?


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6 Responses to 10 Reasons you can’t do without drinking Coconut Water

  1. Robin says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information about coconuts. I have always enjoyed drinking coconut water, but never knew it was so good for you. How long do they last? For example, if i went to buy a load of them at the market over the weekend, would they last the whole week?

    • @ Robin: You’re welcome! They’ll last you the week no problem. Keep them refrigerated for maximum freshness though.
      @Russell: Nice tip.

      • Robin says:

        @atsumirawcafe: Many thanks for the info. I will go out and buy lots of coconuts this weekend then. I will probably come by your restaurant on this Sunday too. I have seen some of the food you serve on your website, and it all looks so delicious 🙂

    • @Robin, best place to buy Coconuts that I’ve seen is Tesco on Wiset Road. 20Baht each. Unfortunately, we are currently closed on Sundays! 😦 It’s something we’re looking at changing, but at the moment we’re open Monday-Saturday 9am-8.30pm. 🙂

      • Robin says:

        @atsumirawcafe, thanks for the tip, I’ll go to Tesco for the coconuts. Ok, I will try to come by on Saturday then, if you’re closed on Sunday. 🙂

  2. I think a lot of people in the US can find them at their local Asian Supermarkets. I’ve been told Thai young coconuts are easy to buy there by the box load and can be ordered in.

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