Top 5 Reasons why you NEED to introduce Wheatgrass into your diet NOW!


We’re all aware that eating fresh, green vegetables is good for you. We’ve been taught that ever since we can remember, right? But are all vegetables born equal? Does it matter which green veg you eat, as long as you’re eating some? Well, in a way, no, but there are certain vegetables which tower above the others when it comes to health benefits. Wheatgrass – one of the World’s true Super Foods – is one of those. Here are 5 reasons (and there are more!) why you should have started eating wheatgrass a long time ago.

1. It’s anti-cancer. Firstly, the chlorophyll in the plant increases hemoglobin production in your blood, meaning more oxygen can get to cancer cells. Chlorophyll has been proven to be a more effective antimutagen than beta-carotene and vitamins A, C and E. Wheatgrass also contains laetrile and selenium which are anti-cancerous

2. It’s alkalizing. Most of our foods in the Standard American Diets are acidic and the foods we eat determine the alkalinity or acidity of our bodies. If our bodies are in an acidic state, disease can thrive. The modern diet doesn’t contain enough alkalizing foods, and wheatgrass is as alkalizing as they get!

3. It’s an instant energy booster! Every single organ in your body works on an electrical magnetic frequency. Our bodies operate on an electro magnetic current, and all nerve signals are electrical charges, so we need to eat foods that provide us with more energy than they actually take away during digestion. So, foods are only of value to us if they can be converted into the energy we need for the electrical charges to continue. Obviously, not all foods are equal when it comes to how much alive electrical energy they can provide our bodies with. When we eat something which is lifeless then we don’t get the energy our bodies truly need to function properly. To look at some examples in detail; the available electrical charge in Megahertz (MHz) in Chocolate Cake is 1-3 and in a Big Mac it’s 5 MHz. To put that into perspective, the average electrical charge of our main organs like our brain, lungs or heart to be functioning properly is 70 MHz. So if your diet is primary made up of fast food, cakes or other dead food are you really going to get the energy required to keep your organs working at peak efficiency? Nowhere near! In fact you’ll have a quite large energy deficiency. The good news is that fresh wheatgrass has 70-90 MHz of energy, Raw Almonds 40-50 MHz and Fruit also 70-90 MHz. So, start eating alive food TODAY!

4. It’s a blood builder. The molecular structure of wheatgrass is almost identical to the molecular structure of our blood. When drinking pure wheatgrass juice, it’s almost like drinking the “blood” of the plant!

5. It contains at least 13 vitamins. Several are antioxidants, including B12 and many minerals, trace elements and all 20 amino acids. It’s full of enzymes too, over 30 of them in fact, so it’s ideal just before a meal to help aid digestion.

At first, when you drink Wheatgrass you will not enjoy the taste. But that’s because your body is in an acidic state. It’s used to drinking Coke and Red Bull or “Fruit Juices” crammed with white sugar and preservatives. All of which are terribly acidic and not fit for human consumption. As you start to drink more Wheatgrass and other green drinks, your body will become alkaline and these drinks will start to have a sweet taste to them.

Do not be put off by the taste at first! This is your body’s way of telling you that you’re too acidic and you need to change, and wheatgrass is your opportunity to make that change. 🙂

You can buy powdered wheatgrass from your local health food store, or pop into Atsumi Raw Cafe on Wiset Road Rawai and get a fresh shot of Wheatgrass Juice for just 80 Baht.

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One Response to Top 5 Reasons why you NEED to introduce Wheatgrass into your diet NOW!

  1. Coach Kelan says:

    Great Facts! This is something I try to have everyday and I definitely feel a difference!

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